Studies Show That Husbands Stress Women Twice As Many As Children


Throughout the history, women have been the ones more actively engaged in the lives of the children in the family, a behavior which has been derived from the ancestral era, when men had to hunt and provide food, while women stayed in the caves, and took care of their children.

This was the case with the grandmothers of most of us too, and while they stayed at home, their husbands went to work and earn a salary. Only recently, women got the right to work and earn on their own, equally to men.

Yet, parenting and training are complex and challenging tasks, but mothers develop special skills with experience. The moment they become mothers, they become responsible and dedicated to their child, during all the stages in their growth and development, each difficult in a certain way.

Nevertheless, parenting is a work that requires the efforts of both parents, who must actively and directly participate in the upbringing of the child, and the responsibility should not fall on the mother only.

Apparently, husbands stress their wives more than the children, as shown in surveys, or at least, 45% of the women claim it.

When planning a future together, both partners should build a shared life they both dreamed of, but women usually avoid to ask their husbands-to-be if they are willing to put everything else aside, and contribute to the family they will create.

When this does not happen, women are disappointed, and the lack of support from the husbands brings about stress in the upbringing of the children.

On the other hand, men explain that their wives do not actually ask for help, but try to show that they are perfectly able to solve all issues by their own, so they (the husbands) assume that their help is actually not needed.

Yet, proper communication between the partners can solve all misunderstandings and significantly lower stress. It can help the parents to focus on the most loving and valuable moments in the home, and enjoy the parenthood to the utmost!



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