This Man Was Artificially Given Labor Pains, This Is What Happened After A Few Seconds


Childbirth is possibly the most painful experience that a woman has to go through in her life. Not just childbirth, but carrying a baby inside her for nine months and then having to push it out of her body with immense pressure and pain can cost a lot to the body. This process has always made the male gender extremely curious. They have multiple questions regarding this, but mainly they believe that it couldn’t have been as painful as it is described to be. That’s why an artificial machine was created to administer the dosage of pain experienced by a woman during labour. The device is made up in such a way that it administers doses of pain which can be altered according to the tolerance level of the person. A male college student from Tennessee, Johnny Wade, wanted to try it out. It was a brave decision but wasn’t very wise. Apparently, he was the first volunteer to try it on, and his reaction was priceless.

The intensity can be taken up gradually. The individual who would be experiencing the pain is asked to lay down and then the process begins.Wade’s friend had been restraining him, but Wade could feel the shocks being pretty intense from the very beginning. Just before the procedure, Wade was taught some breathing techniques to help ease the pain. He practiced all of those, but couldn’t handle the pain. He wanted to intensity to go to 10. The woman handling the machine did as she was told. After a couple seconds, Wade instructed her to stop.

Even though he had good intentions, Wade couldn’t handle the pain. He did everything he could, but he couldn’t tolerate it for more than some seconds.


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