On Pressing This Guy’s Nose, His Blackheads Burst Out Like Lasers, Gross!


A comedo is a blocked hair follicle under the skin which is a result of excess deposition of oil in the skin. The open comedo is known as blackhead whereas the closed one is called Whitehead. Many people carrying blackheads get so frustrated that they anyhow want it to get eradicated from the skin and so for the same, they try lot new things.But here we have discovered a special tool that a doctor uses to pull out a guy’s blackheads from his nose. See, what happens further.
A man carried nose covered with many annoying and giant blackheads. # Doctor spotted few whiteheads as well On observing nose carefully, the doctor noticed few whiteheads along with blackheads. # He used a special tool The doctor decided to operate blackheads using a special metal tool. He whipped out his tool for removing small and huge nasty blackheads. # Pressing down of giant blackheads The doctor started to apply pressure on man’s nose and pulled down the man’s blackheads. # All the gunk started popping out When the Doctor pulled out blackheads, the dirt started emitting out and the blackheads started getting flattened. # Nose started appearing clear After pulling out few blackheads, the holes started getting empty and the nose began to look clear. # Doctor changed tool and completed task But still few blackheads had to be removed and so for the purpose, the doctor changed the tool and finished off the task. # Some more gross Every time the doctor squeezed the blackheads, more amount of gross gunk came out. # Difficult to watch The videos like that of popping pimples and blackhead removal are hard to watch but this guy’s video is incredibly gaining millions of views since being posted.


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