If You Have This Sandals Throw Them Away Immediately And Here’s Why


In Germany on one scientific research it was found out that what can be the reason for some types of cancer are clogs made from plastic materials. Why? –Because the plastic materials contain carcinogenic compounds.

On that research were tested ten pairs of clogs made from plastic materials (the best brands that you can find today) and in laboratory they were tested.

The results were shocking – the clogs contained 60% of PAHs (aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons).

They are really dangerous for the human health because they are carcinogenic substances. If they are somehow absorbed in the body they can cause cell mutation.

Another shocking discovery was that the clogs that were tested contained also 70% of solvents and heavy metals which can are easily absorbed by the skin. Wearing socks first, will be of a great help in order to avoid any kind of problems if you still want to wear clogs.

But it was found out that the original Crocs did not contained PAHs which made this research very interesting. But they still contained some solvents that can cause only allergies.



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