Scientist Finally Discover Why Eating Red Meat Causes Cancer


A new study from the University of California, San Diego has found the culprit behind why red meat that is consuming leads to greater cases of of cancer -and it is due to a sugar.

Humans are the only animals that have an increased risk of cancer in regards to consuming meat that is red, as red meat is eaten by carnivores normally with no side effects that are ill. The research, that was published December 2-9 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,” found that a unique sugar named Neu5Gc, identified in the majority of mammals but not in people, triggers an immune reaction that in turn causes irritation.

Ajit Varki, who led the research, described the impact Neu5Gc had in mice: “Until now, our evidence linking Neu5Gc to cancer was circumstantial or indirectly predicted from relatively synthetic experimental set-ups … This is the first time we’ve directly demonstrated that mimicking the specific scenario in people – feeding nonhuman Neu5Gc and inducing anti-Neu5Gc antibodies -raises spontaneous cancers in mice.”


This particular sugar can be found in red meats (using the nutritional definition of red meat, which includes pork and other livestock), cow’s milk and certain cheeses. Unfortunately for humans, our bodies can’t produce this sugar naturally, so when it is absorbed into our tissues, it is seen as a foreign invader. This then leads to the activation of our immune systems.

The result is inflammation.

And, while inflammation is not a great thing, in and of itself, it gets worse. If the immune system is subject to Neu5GC frequently, chronic inflammation will result. This inflammation can then lead to cancer. Those who regularly consume red meat will definitely suffer a stronger reaction than those who ingest red meat on an occasional basis.Other animals, strict carnivores, who can make the Neu5GC sugar can eat red meats. Humans, not being strict carnivores, can’t. Therefore it seems clear that humans must avoid red meat consumption or face inflammation and possible cancer. At the minimum, reducing red meat ingestion will boost health.If for some reason you believe eating red meat every day (even if it is grass-fed) isn’t a bad thing, well now you have proof. Sorry, meat eaters, humans just aren’t built to be true carnivores.




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