If You Want Your Health To Be Perfect, This Is How Often You Should Have SX!!!


Health and longevity are usually promoted with the following advice:

Every person must sleep between 7 and 9 hours, we must not smoke, we must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, we must walk at least 30 minutes every day, we must not stress and we have to be calm all the time.

But, one of the very important things which should also be placed among these things is s*x, which is one of the greatest pleasures for us.

S*x is considered as something which is extremely healthy for humans. It is actually crucial if we want to maintain our overall health. One especially important part of it is orgasm.

There have been a lot of researches which have found the link among our health, as well as the presence of s*x in our lives.

According to one study which was performed on Harvard, s*x can improve our overall immune system and can also improve our entire metabolism. But still, none of the doctors that you will visit will tell you to have s*x more regularly.

Here, we are going to present you the connection that this research found among the health and the presence of s*x:

According to one famous project conducted by the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, those men who had s*x only once in a month increased their risk of any heart disease in almost 50% compared to those men who had s*x two or even more times in one week.
Another study which included 900 men from Wales, who were monitored for 10 years, showed that the men who had an extremely high orgasm managed to decrease their risk of dying in almost 50% than those men who had low orgasm.

The results of the study also proved that if some of the study objects had s*x 8 times in a month, his death rate was decreased to 36%.

All of the studies seemed to prove that when older adults had s*x more regularly, they had an improved cognitive function, as well as verbal fluency, memory and executive function.

Another important study from recently managed to prove that in over 2.000 women and men how often you have s*xual intercourse was connected to the concentration of an amino acid in our blood.

The name of this amino acid is homocysteine.

When the study object had less s*x, she/he had decreased levels of homocysteine in the blood.
It is very important to have s*x on regular basis.


The theme of having s*xual intercourse regularly can imply numerous religious, moral and legal issues. It may also include various health concerns.

The action of s*x is pretty much healthy and it can actually help you in preventing a lot of diseases and extend your life span.

Having more s*x— and frequent orgasms can improve your cardiovascular system as it acts as a kind of exercise for your body.

When men have s*x, their levels of testosterone become increased and this does not only happen during masturbation. According to a lot of researches, high testosterone levels have been connected to longevity.

Still, there are not many available data on this and about how it actually acts on women.

A lot of experts believe that the advantages and results would be the same for men and women.

You need to be aware about the importance that s*x has in your life.

You must put the s*xual intercourse on your list of things you must do often like exercising, eating vegetables and fruits and avoiding stress.

Make sure that you relax more and make s*x something that you would do often, in order to have healthier and longer life.

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