She Wrapped Old Coffee Grounds Around Her Leg, The Reason Will Surprise You!


It’s time to go leggy as summer is quickly approaching us. Cellulite is a common embarrassing problem faced by every woman. Healthy diet and proper workout helps in diminishing cellulite to some extent. Though it is impossible to get totally rid of cellulite from the body, but a DIY body wrap can actually help you in tightening your thighs. This DIY body wrap can smooth out the cellulite from your skin. Go through the step-by-step method of this DIY cellulite remedy.This DIY remedy gives wonderful results within 30 minutes. You just need 4 simple ingredients to prepare this body wrap. Coffee grounds, peppermint tea leaves, flax-seed oil and hemorrhoid cream. Mix the above listed ingredients in a bowl.Apply this mixture on your skin. You don’t need to rub it. Just wrap the mixture with plastic wrap and elastic bandage. Remove it after half an hour. This beauty secret will do wonders to your skin.


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