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We all will be mindful and alert where places we planning, many of them have puppy alert and dogs are controlled because region, as well as in some you can find not controlled and leaved free.

Two women who visited running were unfortunate enough to understand how aggressive some places that are innocent could be. This can be their history.

Their yoga brought them for this region. These were assaulted by four pit bulls. Operator of pets and both were fighting with dogs for two hours while they continued to bite. But the dogs went away. It just happened that a girl included a truck and scared them. The subjects were subsequently taken by her to security. But the women were critically injured.

She is not within the hospital but she’s recovering at home, although George was bitten all-over her body. The pets were taken 75% of the head plus some muscle of her legs off. She had to stay in intensive treatment. Authorities later observed four pets and murdered them. Regional sheriff’s office expected to accuse their seller, who had deprived them.

Both females recovered later.





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